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dream guy summed up:

-will eat the vegetables i don’t like when i order the only noodle dish at a restaurant. 

-can beat me in a belching contest

-will play games with me like: borderlands 2, minecraft, cards against humanity, pathfinder, and league of legends.

-preferably book smart (since i’m more street smart, and i’m not book smart in the slightest.)

-gives tips to people at restaurants, or if there’s a tip jar (any amount is fine just as long as it’s a tip)

-funny (can be ugly as fuck, just as long as he’s nice, [my kind of] funny and smart)

-likes anime, manga or some part of otaku culture.

-and will understand that sometimes i say i want to be alone, but i don’t. i just don’t want to shower yet, or i forgot to sleep, or i forget that i enjoy people’s company.

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